Product List of Metal Curtain

Detailed picture about golden metal coil curtain on the black background, and a yellow pencil on it for contrast.

Metal coil curtain with beautiful appearance is anti-rust, long lasting and used in residences, office buildings, shopping center and business halls.

Chain link curtain in red, pink, yellow, blue, silver, black, green, white, purple and so on.

Chain link curtain with unique double hook design and good rust resistance can be used as door curtain, ceiling wall, lamp shade, room divider, etc.

An enlarged view of golden chainmail curtain on the white background.

With advantages of moisture proof and fire prevention, chainmail curtain is suitable for residences, hotels, coffee shops, theaters and so on.

A piece of shining scale mesh curtain sample covered with a piece of plastic film.

Shimmering scale mesh curtain as a fashion style decoration curtain widely used in weddings, parties, banquets, salons, showcases and other places.

Ring mesh curtain is made by thousands of metal rings and hooks.

With unique metal property of fine appearance and anti-corrosion, ring mesh curtain is applicable for ceilings, partitions, showcases and so on.

Five strings of golden chain curtain are lying on the black background.

Made from flexible and recyclable material, shimmering chain curtain is applicable for parties, hotels, weddings, fashion accessories and so on.

An enlarge view of woven wire drapery in copper color, and it is woven by three strand wire rope and copper rods.

Woven wire drapery combines with LED lights creates an attractive visual effect is widely used for luxurious room, exhibition hall, museum and so on.

Eleven different kinds of metal bead curtain sample, they are in different colors, shapes and materials.

Metal bead curtain as a fashion and functional curtain is suitable for curtain or wall ceilings in nightclubs, retail stores, spas center, bars, etc.

A piece of honeycomb decoration mesh sample, it is double helix wire braid structure.

Honeycomb decoration mesh with good drooping visual effect can be used as curtains, window treatments, ceilings in hotels, stores, houses and so on.

Golden cable wire mesh laminated glass, not far away is a car.

With excellent shock impact resistance property, wired glass is applicable for schools, public buildings and businesses offices to ensure security.

Six kinds of wire mesh belt, wire mesh belt with flat wires or round wires, and in metallic color or copper color.

Wire mesh belt formed by thousands of stable triangular shaped stainless steel wires is used as curtains, ceiling, wall isolation, screens and so on.

A piece of golden special metal curtain and a part of silver special metal curtain.

With noise control and windbreak properties, designers and customers choose special metal curtain for exterior facades, interior walls, stands, etc.