Wired Glass for Shock Impact Resistance and Fireproof

Wired glass, also named laminated glass metal mesh, is one of safety glass. It is formed through a special craft. When the glass is in semi-molten state, machines will compress the glass and wire mesh through metal rollers, and then wire mesh laminated glass is formed. And the metal mesh materials inlay in the glass could be woven wire drapery, ring mesh curtain, scale mesh curtain or other metal materials. This translucent decorative creates a hazy beauty and meets your aesthetic needs. Most importantly, as the new standards of technology has become to ensure the security conditions of buildings, wired glass is produced to offer safety guarantee for us. Besides prevent thieves from entering, wired glass is also fire prevention and shock impact resistance, especially for schools, public buildings, businesses offices that provide escape routes in case of fire or dangerous. Even the glass is broken, metal mesh can still keep glass fragments stick together and slow the spread of fire.

Golden cable wire mesh laminated glass, not far away is a car.
WG-1: Wired glass laminated with thin copper cable mesh.
Ring mesh curtain laminated glass, and there is a car beside it.
WG-2: Wired glass laminated with ring mesh curtain.
Cable wire mesh laminated glass, the cable wire mesh is woven by red and blue metal wires.
WG-3: Wired glass laminated with woven wire mesh.
Red scale mesh curtain laminates glass with label FL-804.
WG-4: Wired glass laminated with scale mesh curtain.


  • Product name: wired glass.
  • Color of inter-layer metal mesh: silver, golden, red, purple, blue, green, bronze, gray, etc.
  • Glass type: common laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, coated laminated glass, low-e laminated glass, silkscreen laminated glass, bulletproof laminated glass, fireproof laminated glass, etc.
  • Size: 2000×2500 mm, 2134×1830 mm, 2440×1830 mm, 1500×2000 mm, 1220×1830 mm, 1500×2550 mm, 1600×2000 mm, 1860×2520 mm, 1524×2134 mm.
  • Thickness: 5 mm, 6 mm, 6.5 mm, 6.8 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm.
Its edge of wired glass, and wire mesh in it is copper mesh.
WG-5: Wire mesh inlays in the glass creates a hazy beauty.
An enlarge view of fine wire mesh is sandwiched between two pieces of glass.
WG-6: Details about welded wire mesh laminated glass edge.
From its edge to see, the inner of wired glass is brass woven.
WG-7: Wired glass laminated with brass woven wire mesh.
A part of wired glass laminated with woven wire mesh edge.
WG-8: The structure of wired glass is durable and solid, so theft or robber can't break it easily.


  • Bulletproof: Wired glass can effectively prevent bullets, even wired glass is broken, wire mesh can help it remain integrity and slow down the shock impact of bullet.
  • Anti-theft: The structure of wired glass is durable and solid, so theft or robber can't break it easily.
  • Translucent decorative material: Wire mesh inlays in the glass creates a hazy beauty.
  • UV resistance: Wired glass can prevent most ultraviolet radiation from outside and protect furniture from accelerated aging or fading.
  • Fire prevention: Its material offers certain fire prevention, if the glass is broken, the fragments will still stick together by the wire meshes and help to slow the spread of fire.
  • Sound insulation: To a certain extent, wired glass can block a portion sound waves and give you a quiet environment.
Five different kinds of wired glass pile up together, and woven wire mesh laminated glass is on the top.
WG-9: Five different types of wired glass.
There are four woven wire mesh laminated glass, but in different woven wire mesh type.
WG-10: Four kinds of woven wire mesh laminated glass.
Four different types of woven wire mesh laminated glass standing on the table.
WG-11: Another four types woven wire mesh laminated glass.

Wired glass with unique style and design is ideal for overhead glazing, doors, windows, interior partitions, handrails guardrail, electronic signs, shower screens in hotels, schools, business buildings, public buildings, stairwells and hallways that lead to emergency exists.

There is a stairs between two pieces of wired glass.
WG-12: Wired glass as stairs decoration.
Two pieces of wired glass are on the metal shelf to resist strong sunlight.
WG-13: Wired glass as sunshade.
Wired glass as a table, and there is a black decorative metal leaf with two black balls on it.
WG-14: Wired glass can be used as table.
Wired glass as guardrail in the hotel.
WG-15: Wired glass as guardrail.

Each piece is wrapped with paper or plastic film and packaged with strong wooden case outside.

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