Chain Fly Screen - Insect Resistance While Keep Fresh Air in

Chain link curtain in red, pink, yellow, blue, silver, black, green, white, purple and so on.
CLC-1: Chain link curtain has various colors for different architecture styles.

Chain link curtain, also named chain fly screen, is made from aluminum wire with anodized surface treatment. As we all know, aluminum material is lightweight, recyclable, durability and has flexible structure. This ensures chain link curtain has excellent rust resistance and good fire prevention properties. Decorative chain link curtain offers certain protection in addition to the good decorative effects. At the same time, chain fly screen can avoid insects and keep fresh air in which give you a clean environment. In addition, it is available in various colors, you can choose any color according to your architecture style. Due to these advantages, double hook decorative chain curtain is suitable for residences, hotels, restaurants, shopping center and other places.


  • Product name: chain link curtain.
  • Material: aluminum wire.
  • Surface treatment: anodized.
  • Colors: silver, black, green, blue, red, purple, golden, bronze and other colors can be customized.
  • Wire diameter: 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.3 mm, 1.6 mm, 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm or at your requests.
  • Hook width: 9 mm or 12 mm.
  • Hook length: 17 mm, 20.4 mm, 22.5 mm, 24 mm, etc.
  • Curtain size: 0.8 m × 2 m, 0.9 m × 1.8 m, 0.9 m × 2 m, 1 m × 2 m, 1 m × 2.1 m and so on.

Note: Special specifications are also available according to your requirements.

Use a calipers to measure the hook length of chain link curtain, it's about 20.07 mm.
CLC-2: Measurements about hook length of chain link curtain.
Measuring the hook width of chin link curtain, it's about 12.01 mm.
CLC-3: Measurements about hook width of chain link curtain.


  • Environmental friendly material.
  • Lightweight and flexible structure.
  • Easy to install and move.
  • Rust resistance, fireproof and durability.
  • A good view of drooping for hanging.
  • Unique design - double hooks structure.
  • Avoid insects and keep fresh air in.
  • Available in various colors for different styles.
  • Anodized surface treatment creates beautiful appearance and an amazing decoration effect.


Chain fly curtains can be used as:

  • Door curtain.
  • Stage curtain wall.
  • Wall ceiling.
  • Interior partition.
  • Window curtain.
  • Room divider.
  • Lamp shade.
  • Architecture outside designs.

So chain link curtain is widely used for:

  • Residences.
  • Shops.
  • Stair handrails.
  • Upscale resorts.
  • Kitchen.
  • Discotheques.
  • Hotels.
  • Restaurants.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Showrooms.
  • Office.
  • Stage sets.
In a small house, chain link curtain is used as window treatment, and there some chairs, sofas and tables in it.
CLC-4: Chain fly screen as window treatment.
Chain link printing curtain with bright lamps hanging on the ceiling decorates potted landscape.
CLC-5: Chain link printing curtain creates an amazing visual impact effect.
Chain link curtain as background for a motorcycle and its tire.
CLC-6: Chain link curtain is suitable for showrooms.
Chain link curtain decorates arched door of the shower room, and there is a mop beside it.
CLC-7: Double hook decorative chain curtain as shower door curtain.
Red chain link curtain is fixed on the ceiling to decorate the room, and there is a lot of chairs, sofas and table with small lamps.
CLC-8: Red chain link curtain as ceiling panels.
Chain link curtain with patterns are installed in the shopping mall.
CLC-9: Chain link curtain for shopping mall decoration.
Chain link printing curtain as space divider to decorate restaurant, and there are many dining tables with chairs and tableware.
CLC-10: Chain fly curtain can be used for restaurant.
A small table with three chairs and a part of purple sofa is surrounded by chain link curtain.
CLC-11: Chain link curtain can create an independent space for you.
Many pieces of chain link curtain hanging on the ceiling formed an arced pattern.
CLC-12: Chain link curtain can be used for inner decoration.
Chain link curtain is opened to see the inner view, and there are a lot of cups and several bottles of wine on the table.
CLC-13: Chain fly screen as room divider.
Chain link curtain in silver color hangs on two sides of the wall, like a door.
CLC-14: Chain fly screen can be used as door curtain.
Red chain link curtain is hanging on the ceiling as lamp decoration.
CLC-15: Chain link curtain as lamp decoration.
Huge chain link screen as wall curtain is printed with several black letters.
CLC-16: Chain link drapery is suitable for wall decoration.
White chain link curtain as room divider in the hotel room, and there is a bed, several lamps, a table in it.
CLC-17: Chain link curtain is applicable for hotel.
Silver chain link curtain as background for showcase, and model toys in the showcase, hats on the showcase.
CLC-18: Double hook decorative chain curtain decorates showcase.
Black chain link curtain as screen to decorate the room, and there are two sofas, one table in it.
CLC-19: Chain link drapery as screen for room decoration.
Double hook decorative chain curtain is used for leisure places, and there are two orange sofas, a tiny table, a lamp and a wooden shelf full of pot plants in the leisure room.
CLC-20: Chain link curtain is designed for leisure place decoration.


  • Put chain link curtain into a plastic bag, and then packaged plastic bags into cartons in order.
  • Roll chain fly screen with water-proof paper or plastic film, and packaged chain link curtain rolls in cartons or wooden cases as your requests.
Chain link curtain in metallic color is packed with sealed plastic bag.
CLC-21: Chain fly screen for plastic bag packages.
Two plastic bags of chain link curtain, one bag is yellow chain link curtain, the other is in golden color.
CLC-22: Chain link curtain in golden colors is packed with OPP bags.
Colorful chain link curtain and curtain track are packaging in a carton and covered with bubble bag, three cartons are beside it.
CLC-23: Packaging process of chain link curtain and curtain track.
Nine cartons on the ground, and the inner of each carton is a tight packing curtain.
CLC-24: Chain link curtain is packed with tight packing.
A packaged carton and a chain curtain roll with water proof paper on the ground.
CLC-25: Two packaged ways of chain link curtain, one is chain link curtain rolls with water proof paper, the other is carton packed.
Many packaged cartons pile up together on the ground, and two packaging cartons beside them.
CLC-26: Double hook decorative chain curtain for carton package.

For the installations of chain link curtain, there are three different ways of installing chain fly screen. One is hanging rail installation, others are track installations. And track installations includes U track installation and H track installation. They all lightweight metal track for heavy metal curtain. These three methods are very simple installations for you. Just need a few screws on the walls or ceilings, and hang the curtain on it.

Detail about hanging rail installation of chain link curtain, and chain link curtain is in various colors.
CLC-27: Chain link curtain hanging rail installation.
Two pictures about U track and U track installation of chain link curtain.
CLC-28: Chain link curtain for U track Installation.
Chain link curtain with various colors is hanging on the H track.
CLC-29: Double hook decorative chain curtain installs on H track.

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