Chain Curtain with Shiny Surface Creates Visual Effect

Five strings of golden chain curtain are lying on the black background.
CC-1: Golden chain curtain.

Chain curtain is a very common metal curtain that can easily be found almost everywhere in our daily life. It is similar to chain link curtain, both are hooks interlocking and you can open the curtains from any location. Made from flexible environmental friendly material in various colors, sizes and shapes, chain curtain can be easily installed for many interior decorations and architecture design. And with a shiny reflective surface, chain curtain creates a simple but lustrous visual effect. Some applications could be for curtains, ceilings, clothing, jewelry and fashion accessories, and it is also applicable for all kinds of creative decorations like weddings, parties, office buildings, hotels, zoos, chain bags and more.

Golden chain curtain samples in different sizes.
CC-2: Sample list about different shapes and sizes of chain curtain.


  • Product name: chain curtain.
  • Material: stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, iron, aluminum alloy and other material.
  • Ring diameter: 0.8 mm - 5.0 mm.
  • Finish: satin-matte, glossy, colored, anodized or plating.
  • Color: silver, nickel, dull nickel, gold, rose gold, brass, gun-black, red, green, copper, purple, blue, pink, etc.

Note: colors, shapes and sizes can be customized.


  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Various colors and sizes.
  • Rust resistance.
  • Lightweight and recyclable.
  • Flexible and durable.
  • Easy installation.
  • No maintenance.

As a very common metal curtain in our daily life, chain curtain can be used as door curtains, window treatments, space divider and ornament in weddings, parties, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, stores, balconies, zoos, chain bags and more.

Stainless steel chain curtain as door curtain in the zoo, and inside of it, there are some people watching animals.
CC-3: Chain curtain can be used as door curtain in the zoo.
Chain curtain in silver color reflects a good drooping.
CC-4: Shinning silver chain curtain.
White chain curtain as space divider in a room, it divides the bed from living room, and there is a red chair, sofa and table in the living room.
CC-5: Chain curtain as space divider in a bedroom.


  • Inside: Packaged in single OPP bag or in a roll.
  • Outside: Packaged in cartons or as your demands.

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