Scale Mesh Curtain with Unique Texture and Bright Surface

Scale mesh curtain is made from durable aluminum material in various shiny colors, with a bright reflective surface, it creates a unique visual effect unlike other ordinary curtain. And scale mesh curtain is also named metal mesh fabric curtain, because it is lightweight and flows like real fabric, it can show like a cloth showing attractive colors with the changing of lights. Its flexible and special structure not only offer you convenient for easy installation, but also can be fixed into a variety of shapes for different applications. In addition, depending on perfect shrink proof property and unique texture, scale mesh curtain become a new kind of decorative material in inner design or clothing design in widely applications. Scale mesh curtain opens a new market of metal material in architecture decorations and design, and whether in luxurious areas or industrial places, scale mesh drapery can adapt into any environment with aesthetic and versatility. Thus scale mesh curtain has being the latest fashionable elements. Furthermore, with splendid decorative effect, it can be applied for weddings, parties, banquets, salons, showcases and many other places.

This piece of scale mesh curtain sample is octagon shape and lying on the white background.
SMC-1: Octagon shape scale mesh curtain sample.
Quincunx shape scale mesh curtain sample in golden color is lying on the background.
SMC-2: Golden quincunx shape scale mesh curtain sample.
The shinning front surface and back side of scale mesh curtain.
SMC-3: The facade and reverse side of shinning white scale mesh curtain.
Two pictures about the front and back side of a piece of silver scale mesh curtain sample.
SMC-4: Silver scale mesh curtain sample.


  • Product name: scale mesh curtain.
  • Material: aluminum or aluminum alloy.
  • Surface treatment: heat tinting, spray painted, galvanized, dull polished.
  • Color: golden, purple, red, blue, green, silver, brown, black, natural color or more.
  • Sequin size: 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm.
  • Weight: 0.86 kg/m2 - 1.81 kg/m2.
  • Shape: octagon, square, quincunx and more.
  • Length & Width: customized at your requests.

Note: Special sizes and colors can be customized according your requests.

Scale mesh curtain in different colors like red, silver, black, white and so on.
SMC-5: Color samples of scale mesh curtain.
A picture about scale mesh curtain sample with different colors in different surface treatments.
SMC-6: Sample list about various colors and different surface treatments of scale mesh curtain.
Sample list of scale mesh curtain in various shapes.
SMC-7: Scale mesh curtain samples in different specifications and shapes.


  • Attractive appearance - shiny smooth surface, stylish design.
  • Sun proof - even under strong sunshine, It will not have any change.
  • Fire prevention - nonflammable, base metal melting point.
  • Rust resistance - aluminum alloy material.
  • Shrink proof - never shrink or stretch when in use.
  • Easy to clean - use a piece of cloth or a soft brush to wipe will suffice.
  • Multiple selection - various colors and sizes for your selection.
  • Unique texture - made of aluminum, flow like real fabrics.
  • Air conditioner - allow free circulation of fresh air.
  • Arbitrarily cut - easily cut into appropriate size.
  • Visual effect - create great visual impact of your architecture under LED lighting.
  • Mildew proof - unaffected in humidity environment.
  • Easy installation - lightweight material with flexibility and durability structure
  • Various applications - can be used for space divider and decorations.

Shimmering scale mesh curtain has attracted more and more customers and designers to choose it for architecture decorations. It gradually begin to emerge in our daily lives and become a fashion style decoration. The following is some applications of scale mesh curtain.

First, it can be used as:

  • Shoes decoration.
  • Security fencing.
  • Bag decoration.
  • Clothing design.
  • Ceiling decoration.
  • Private areas.
  • Backdrop.
  • Room divider.
  • Fashion accessories.
  • Space isolation.
  • Inner design.
  • Supply closets.

Then it is suitable for:

  • Wall ceiling.
  • Party.
  • Dining hall.
  • Nightclub.
  • Airport.
  • Residence.
  • Wedding.
  • Banquet.
  • Salon.
  • Shopping mall.
  • Showcase.
  • Office building.
A part of silver scale mesh curtain.
SMC-8: Details about silver scale mesh curtain.
A huge scale mesh curtain fixed on the ceiling divides the room into two parts.
SMC-9: Scale mesh curtain as room divider.
A silver scale mesh curtain is hanging outside to resist sunshine and dividing the house from grassland.
SMC-10: Scale mesh curtain as sunshade.
Detail about a large part of pink scale mesh with different surface.
SMC-11: Scale mesh curtain can have different surface shapes for your selection.
A small bottle is totally wrapped by pink scale mesh curtain.
SMC-12: Scale mesh curtain as outer layer decoration.
The surface of a knapsack is made of yellow scale mesh curtain.
SMC-13: Scale mesh curtain decorates knapsack.
A piece of black scale mesh curtain as a table mat and a plate is on it.
SMC-14: Scale mesh curtain as table mat.
Pink scale mesh curtain can be made into shinning wallet and a mobile phone is in it.
SMC-15: Scale mesh curtain as a purse.
Golden scale mesh curtain is completely covered a toy model.
SMC-16: Scale mesh curtain can be used as shinning ornament

About the packaging of scale mesh curtain, we will package it with plastic foam or waterproof paper inside and carton boxes, wooden cases or pallets outside at your requests.

Three different installations of scale mesh curtain: track installation, stainless steel rod installation with bead ring, stainless steel rod installation without bead ring.

Pictures about track details, a piece of scale mesh curtain is fixed on a singe attachment and yellow scale mesh curtain hanging on the track.
SMC-17: Scale mesh curtain track installation.
Metal bead ring is linked by silver scale mesh curtain and steel rod.
SMC-18: Stainless steel rod with bead rings installation of scale mesh curtain.
Golden scale mesh curtain fixed on the circular ring is hanging on the stainless steel rod.
SMC-19: Scale mesh curtain in stainless steel rod without bead rings installation.

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