• There are eleven types metal coil curtain in different sizes, colors, materials that are lying on the white background.
    Metal Coil Curtain
    Metal coil curtain with attractive appearance and anti-corrosion is applicable for residences, hotels, dancing halls, office buildings and so on.
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  • Various colors of chain link curtain install on the curtain track.
    Chain Link Curtain
    Chain link curtain as space divider is popular used in exhibition halls, shopping centers, stairs and railings, concert malls and many other decorative places.
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  • A piece of golden chainmail curtain is lying on the white background.
    Chainmail Curtain
    Chainmail curtain with moisture proof and fire prevention properties is suitable for coffee shops, theaters, lamp shade, fireplaces and so on.
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Various types fashional metal curtain for your selection!

Metal Curtain - Stylish and Functional Decorative Curtain

Metal curtain as a new fashion curtain has been approved by more and more curtain material manufacturers. As we all know, metallic material is a kind of most important functional material and structural material, so for a long time, metal curtain wins the favor of designers and be loved by the public for its special metal luster, good mechanical properties and processing features. At the same time, metal curtain features better performance in whatever environment where cloth curtain couldn't supply sufficient rigidity and strength. It features outstanding durability and excellent anti-rust, fire proof properties. What's more, metal curtain with various shinning colors is designed to fit for different styles of buildings, which is used as door curtain, ceiling panels, sunshades, window treatments, fireplace, wall coverings for villas, stadium, shopping center, footbridge guardrails and many other places.

What kind of metal curtain do we supply?

Metal coil curtain & Honeycomb Decoration Mesh
Metal coil curtain is similar to honeycomb decoration mesh, the difference between them is that metal coil curtain is made up of longitudinal spiral wire while honeycomb decoration mesh is woven by longitudinal and transverse spiral wires. Therefore metal coil curtain is flexible to be rolled up but honeycomb decoration mesh can not be folded or bent.
According to its unfolded characteristic, honeycomb decoration mesh is more used as facade decoration or large wall coverings. And metal coil curtain with various colors is applicable for hotel, bathroom, fireplace, dancing halls, etc.

Six pictures about metal coil curtain samples and honeycomb decoration mesh samples as well as their applications in our daily life.
Four pictures to show the details and application about chain link curtain and chain curtain.

Chain link curtain & Chain curtain
Chain link curtain and chain curtain is very similar, chain link curtain is double hook design while chain curtain is just common metal chains. This kind of metal curtain is available in a widely range of colors and sizes and is ideal for dividing spaces, decorating stairs, windows, walls or more. Available as door curtains or ceiling panels and suitable for fixed or sliding applications.

Chainmail curtain & Ring mesh curtain
Another two similar metal curtains, chainmail curtain is linked by numbers of metal rings while ring mesh curtain is linked by S hook metal rings. This new decorative metal curtain features durable and flexible, an ideal metal curtain for restaurant, theater, coffee shop, office building and more

Seven pictures showing you the details and applications of chainmail curtain and ring mesh curtain.
Seven pictures about details and applications of scale mesh curtain and special metal curtain.

Scale mesh curtain & Special metal curtain
Scale mesh curtain is only made of aluminum or aluminum alloy material, special metal curtain utilizes a variety of raw materials like, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper or other metal materials. And this flexible mesh curtain has resolved the problem about heaviness of common metallic. With its fine appearance, uniform texture and smooth surface, some possible applications include dividing spaces, decorating window or doors in supermarket, showroom, banquet, salon, party and so on.

Woven wire drapery & Wire mesh belt
This durable metal mesh curtain is available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. It is more applicable for large surface of architecture coverings and creates an amazing visual impact effect. It has been used as curtain wall, ceiling, wall isolation or curtain screen in airport access station, large railway station, shopping mall and many other places.

Seven pictures showing about details and applications of woven wire drapery and wire mesh belt.
Four pictures about different styles and applications of metal bead curtain and wired glass.

Metal bead curtain & Wired glass
We also supply metal bead curtain and wired glass, metal bead curtain is easy install, just hang each string of metal beads into the curtain track. And the space between metal bead curtain can be adjust at your requests. Available in institution, firm, casino, discotheques, retail store, nightclub, etc.
Wired glass, safety guarantee of public or privacy buildings, is shock impact resistance and fireproof, it can effectively prevent bullets and theft. Applicable for schools, business offices, stairwells and hallways to ensure security.

Hot Products
Detailed picture about golden metal coil curtain on the black background, and a yellow pencil on it for contrast.

Metal coil curtain with beautiful appearance is anti-rust, long lasting and used in residences, office buildings, shopping center and business halls.

Chain link curtain in red, pink, yellow, blue, silver, black, green, white, purple and so on.

Chain link curtain with unique double hook design and good rust resistance can be used as door curtain, ceiling wall, lamp shade, room divider, etc.

An enlarged view of golden chainmail curtain on the white background.

With advantages of moisture proof and fire prevention, chainmail curtain is suitable for residences, hotels, coffee shops, theaters and so on.

A piece of shining scale mesh curtain sample covered with a piece of plastic film.

Shimmering scale mesh curtain as a fashion style decoration curtain widely used in weddings, parties, banquets, salons, showcases and other places.

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